Advertising: NEMO

Copywriter Questionnaire
By Anthony Rosario-Licerio

What is the single biggest thing in your life that you’ve invested more hours and passion pursuing than anything else?

I’d venture a guess to say Advertising is that one passion I have given more to than any other thing I have pursued. I have given a 10-years worth of time, invested a disgusting amount of money, and an immeasurable amount of labor and time to study Communication Arts, specifically Copywriting, from traditional and on traditional education sources.

In one sentence, if you were going to mess with Texas, how would you do it?

If one were to mess with Texas, one would turn every BBQ joint into a Vegan
BBQ joint — Jackfruit Pulled Pork Sammies all-day long.

A major food brand wants to develop a signature snack food around you/your lifestyle/your vibe. What would you name it?

My snack brand would be Anfy Snacks, and would feature a line of snacks to get you through a backwoods adventure, sport competition, or an urban commute. Anfy Snacks line of products would feature a beverage of the Yerba Mate variety, a granola bar, and a gummy (a tropical, sour patch, gusher.)

What are your pet peeves about copywriting?

Killing my darlings, every project gets a little of my essence and seeing my
favorites never getting picked, carries a last to be selected vibe–I want all my
ideas to see shine.

Tell us about the sketchiest thing you were part of in the past 4 years:

Sketchiest?! Have you ever chased down an ambulance in a 95 Nissan 200SX
on the mountain pass roads between at night, because if I were to wager a bet, I would lay house money on that single event being my sketchiest thing I’ve been apart of.

What’s more important: wind or lettuce, and why?

The Wind, jet stream, wind turbines, wind energy, or lettuce a zero calorie food–The Wind no cap.

Create a set of instructions for getting away with a misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor crime is criminal action of medium seriousness, punishable by fine, and incarceration in your county jail. Crime of this magnitude is measured by the degree in which the crime affects the victim(s) and society. Other criminal actions include felonies (high seriousness,) and infractions (low seriousness.)
Step 1: Choose the misdemeanor crime you would like to commit, remember in each city has their own laws and codes, misdemeanors in Seattle, WA may be more severe in a city like Lincoln City, OR.
Step 2: Gather the necessary resources to commit your crime.
Step 3: Research and case the target
Step 4: Choose the most opportunistic time to commit your crime
Step 5: Commit your crime, and if you get got remember your rights. See ACLU Know Your Rights
Step 6: Wake-up, because there ain’t no such thing as half-way crooks.

Your top three cultural/creative influences.

“Those who write the stories control pop culture” –anonymous

Streetwear: JoeFreshGoods & Fat Tiger Works
Advertising: George Lois, Hal Riney, Lee Clow, Paula Scher, Mary Wells
Hip Hop: J. Cole, Nipsey Hu$$le, Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, RZA

Bonus (Writing Teachers:) Kevin Palena, sophomoric & senior English, Gary Cox, copywriting, Jason Rizos, college composition, Kristin O’Shea, public speaking, Jodi Naas, technical writing, Joe Pitkin, creative writing


Technical Writing: Garden Bed

How to Build an All-Season Cedar 4’x 4’Raised Garden Bed. 
By Anthony Rosario-Licerio

A raised garden bed is a great alternative to in-ground garden beds because they prevent soil compaction, provide a barrier for pests, and good drainage. This is the perfect solution pfor budding horticulturalists or the weekend gardener.

Gather the following materials. You will build your garden bed using Western Red Cedar boards; cedar is not a commercially grown wood and may prove difficult to find at a big box retailer and can alternatively be bought from a lumber mill. Buy 3-2”x6”x16’and 1-2”x2”x8’ Cedar boards from Shur-Way building centers, ask to have your boards cut to dimension this will save you time at home. Soil, Shorty’s Garden Center planting mix is recommended, this can be bought for $45/yard or picked up in house in 1-gallon and 5-gallon increments. The soil has a tendency to drain fast and mixing in compost or peat moss is recommend to help prevent this. However, any planting mix will do. Stop at Parkrose Hardware to purchase the fasteners and any tools you may be missing. You will need thirty-two-3.5” deck screws and a square carpenter’s level, rubber mallet, and drill to assemble this project

Prep, cut, and clear, begin your project by prepping the materials and the area. Place the 8-foot board on a level surface, draw your tape-measure the length of the board and make tick marks every 15-inches, cut, create a point to help drive the post into the ground. Use these pieces for your posts. Pre-drill holes in your 4’4” boards using a drill bit ½-inch smaller in diameter than your screw, 1-inch in at the 1.5” and 3”, stacking your boards will give a uniform finish. Before moving onto assembly clear a 4’x4’ square of grass, weeds, and debris in the area you want your garden bed. 

Pound the first post 2” into the ground using the mallet in the upper left corner of the garden bed, tie 4-foot twine to the first and second post, and draw the second post to the upper right corner. Repeat this process until you can tie twine around the perimeter of the garden bed. Place your first board ground level at post one and two, level and screw in place. Repeat this step until your first level of boards have been secured around the perimeter of the garden bed and repeat for level two. Fill your garden bed with soil mixture and water the bed, this will settle the soil. Top off and rake the bed to even out the soil, this will help with drainage, you are ready to plant. 

Your newly built garden bed should provide you with a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables year round or flowers.  To learn more about building soil, pest control, and irrigation, visit And to purchase seeds visit Linnton Feed and Seed. 


Essay: Blue Collar Philosophy

5 Working Class Philosophies
Sew ‘em into your bones, they’ll take you far
By Anthony Rosario-Licerio

  1. 5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable.
    Amat Victoria Curam

    Set the Tone, show up early, prepare for the day, and be ready to be the last one to leave — they’ll notice and you’ll earn yourself capital for the times you do arrive late. Grab the War Drum, set the cadence, and the battles ahead will never catch you off guard.
  2. Roll up your sleeves, tighten your belt, and come prepared to help. You are neither above or below any task.
    I have disarmed people and unlocked doors to rooms with, “I am here to help,” and built my career and experience helping others achieve their vision. Once inside knock down every wall, rip the door off the hinges if you have to, remove every barrier of entry, and never stop building.
  3. Be about the people, and address them by name.
    In every industry there are workin’ people strugglin’ to pay their tariffs for everyday expenses, groceries, and utilities. They have the same hopes and dreams you have, and a strong desire to break generational curses. Appreciate and acknowledge their work and effort — these workin’ people are your equal, you are not above or below them. Your job is equally important to the job they are doing. The mountain will humble you.
  4. Where your backbone, where your code at?
    Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Reliability, and Respect, come correct and stay ten-toes down. Pretenders don’t last long. See 3
  5. Every Teacher has a Student, every Student has a Teacher. We learn to teach and teach to learn. I am nowhere near the person I am today without my mentors, Kevin Palena, Ira Erbs, Filet, Gary Cox, Alicia Mickes, Aileen DeLeon, and my first and second teachers (my village & experience) — they fought tooth and nail, and squeezed every bit of potential out this stubborn student. You may have not given your teachers your best effort, but they have earned acknowledgment for their efforts. Thank ‘em and show ‘em you learned something by putting in the work and when you’ve reached a point of mastery teach someone else.