Operations: Barbershop

I am recommending the Barber industry reopen for the sole purpose of Public health, and hygiene. This recommendation was written after reviewing Barber Industry, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA,) procedures and protocols. Moreover, the decision to reopen your barber shop during a global pandemic must be made knowing you put yourself and client at risk of exposure to COVID-19–carriers often show no symptoms of COVID-19.  See attached documents for reference.

Pre-Arrival: Barber and Client should arrive with a cleanliness next godliness mindset–yes, wash your hair.

Barbers should pre-check temperature before leaving home, and after arriving at the shop (clients should be expected to do the same.) I am recommending following precautions to maintain a clean in environment:

Disinfecting the sole of your shoes, and steam cleaning your clothing (disinfecting the sole shoes can be avoided by leaving a clean pair at your barber shop, and steam cleaning yourself will insure you leave any COVID-19 particulates that may be attached to your clothing.)  

Barber Shop Schedule, CDC recommends a maximum capacity of 10 people per building, operations with less than the recommended may adapt my recommendations to their operation. This is a flex schedule that splits your barber team in two, barbers would operate their business in shifts of 8-12 hours (I recommend using my schedule as a framework, and discussing any potential changes with your barbers, the benefits of this schedule 3-working days 4-days off.)

Barber Team 1 (4 Barbers)*

Monday-Wednesday 7:30-7p
Lunch Time Clean 12:00-1:30p*
After Lunch Hours 2:00-7:30p
After Hours Clean*

Barber Team 2 (4 Barbers)*
Thursday-Saturday 7:30-12p
Lunch Time Clean 12:00-1:30p
After Lunch Hours 2:00-7:30p
After-Hours Clean*

Closed Sunday for Deep Clean*
Average Haircut with client 30 minutes*
Cleaning and Disinfecting 20 minutes*

Deep Clean follows Environmental Services operating room cleaning process (lunch time cleaning may not need to follow such an intensive cleaning process, because the after-hours clean should follow the Sunday Deep Clean process. See Jani-King Operating Room Cleaning.

To meet cleaning and disinfecting standards set by Barbicide, and the National Association Barbers Board of America (NABBA,) barbers are recommended to run a mirror set-up, to decrease the cleaning and disinfecting wait time between clients. I am also recommending the use of detachable blade clippers, because the blades are stainless steal, and removes the need for plastic guards–I am recommending the following clippers Andis BGRC, Wahl Mentor, Oster 76. 

Personal Protective Equipment (the following PPE meets CDC and OSHA standards above and beyond.)

  • N95 Masks
  • Gloves
  • Sneeze Barriers (Shower Curtains Hung from the Ceiling.)
  • Thermometers
  • Barbercide
  • Cleaning Solution

Along with recommendations to schedule and tools, I have attached template letters that you may use to send to governing bodies, and clients.

Letter to Legislators

Dear (Insert Name):

I am reaching out to express concerns and effects of the COVID-19 closure has brought to my business and my barbers

(3 resonating effects all barbers and barber shop owners can relate to.)

I have taken the necessary precautions and outlined my plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19

(List the steps you have taken to protect the barber and client.)


(Barbershop Owner)

Letter to Clients

Dear Clients Name:
(Barber Shop and Team) has taken the necessary steps to get back to business (list steps.) The Barbershop Team, will be able to provide x services as soon as yz date. When we reopen we look, we will be taking the following precautions to ensure everyone remains healthy and safety during this time. We look forward to servicing you again.


Michael Scott

Owner, Barber Shop

*If your barber shop follows or uses any of the recommended changes to your operation give credit where credit is due.

Barbicide back-to-work plan


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