Operations: Agency Internship

Project Keep the Lights On
By Anthony Rosario-Licerio

“Keeping the Lights On.” is the universal signal that someone is home, or a business is operational—Covid-19 has caused longer stays at home, and businesses to shut their lights off. And Project Keep the Lights On mission is to right the wrong.

Strategy: Senior Talent will steer the main vessel, working with existing accounts, and ensuring them everything is everything. 

The agency summer internship program becomes a live-in residency, moving in the Center For Disease Control (CDC) recommended occupancy for a building (10 people) and participate in the agency’s internship program on sight. Each intern will receive a mentor from the agency (Junior Level Talent,) the mentor will be responsible for guiding the ship (this gives the agency’s management team an opportunity to observe rising juniors, and answer the question, Can you lead?!) 

On the outside of the agency Account Manager interns will track down leads for new clients. These account managers will meet with medium to large business in the area (100+ employees,) and will also be guided by a mentor. Strategy Interns will also work remote and be guided by a mentor.

Meanwhile the team on the inside built of Art Directors, Copywriters, and Multidisciplinary Talent is pumping out ads for the agency and caring for the agency (cleaning, watering plants, giving her life.) And Advertising the Agency and Services all while the team on the outside is learning strategy and fishing in new accounts. 


Junior’s get an opportunity to lead teams, and pitch new business with minimal risk. Interns get more than a taste of agency life, and the industry they’re about to enter–they get a whole bowl to eat from. The agency gets to keep their ‘Lights On’ and help others do the same in the process. 


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