Essay: Dear Advertising

Dear Advertising,

When we first met in the Fall of 2009, I was a naive young man with no direction –half-stepping my commitment to you. I would spend a year with you, hangin’ with you in bookstores, living room theaters, museums, and ol’ dive bars, learning your language, science, and theories with every encounter. But in the end our relationship would only last a season. I would continue life without you, wondering what could have been, always sending that Hey I’ve been thinking about you, and I really miss you text to drafts, seeing you all over made forgetting you difficult. And as time moved forward, I found myself looking for reasons to bring you back into my life. Working after hours to practice your language, science, and theories, always wondering what could have been — hoping you’d notice me. 

I acknowledge the mistakes of my past, and I’m ready to give you the best of me. Our relationship was supposed to last a lifetime, because you’re sewn into my bones, a forever fixture in my life. 

Love Always & Forever,

Anthony Rosario-Licerio


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